Cupping massage is becoming more popular in locations such as Edmonton, with many people becoming aware of the benefits the treatment brings.  Also called Hijama, cupping is an ancient Chinese medical process of heating small glass cups before putting them on the skin. The practitioner will then pull away from the cups from the body to loosen and relax the body muscles by actively encouraging blood flow.



Regarded as the inverse of massage therapy, it does not apply pressure to the muscles rather it uses suction to pull the muscles and skin upward. If you are interested in trying cupping therapy and looking for a massage center, it is important to consult a reputable practitioner with years of experience. AH Massage & Acupuncture is the leading cupping massage center in locations such as Edmonton. Continuing on the subject, in this blog, we take a look at the four benefits that cupping therapy can do to you.

1. Pain relief

The first benefit of cupping massage treatment is that it is a pain reliever. The treatment is also used to effectively manage asthma issues and clear congestions caused by cold. Cupping therapy is regarded as a valuable treatment for the lungs. It can also be used as an effective alternative therapy for relieving herpes zoster, cervical spondylosis, facial paralysis, pain. The treatment is also beneficial for different muscle tensions such as spinal congestion, plantar fasciitis, lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and tight trapezius.

2. Reduce inflammation

Another benefit of cupping therapy is that it reduces inflammation as the treatment provides deep tissue massages which assist to fix micro-tears in the muscles. The micro-tears located in muscle fiber make cytokines molecules are released into the body resulting in inflammation. During the massage session, cytokines molecules are suppressed resulting in decreasing the inflammation in the body. Also, cup marks caused treatment during the treatment is regarded as a sign of the negative energy elements breaking free from the surface.

3. Relief digestive system

Cupping treatment can be beneficial to people suffering from irregularity or irritable bowel syndrome. This is because this therapy helps to relieve stress and offers a healthy digestive system. It is regarded as an effective and safe way to improve digestion by providing benefits such as a healthy appetite, improved metabolism, relief from constipation, and stronger digestion. Cupping massage therapy can also heal and repair the gut.

4. Provides anti-aging benefits

Last but not least, cupping massage treatment provides anti-aging effects such as the prevention of wrinkles. The treatment offers more nutrients to the skin resulting in a younger, glowing appearance. This is because the lifting motion associated with the suctioning helps to decrease visible fine lines or even lessen the visibility of injury or acne scarring. Due to the stimulation of connecting tissues under facial skin, laugh and smile lines can be reduced.

Get professional cupping therapy in Edmonton

If you are looking for a natural way to reduce muscle pains, cupping massage treatment can help your body heal without the use of pharmaceutical medication. Our practitioners will work with you to effectively perform the massage treatment and they offer some of the best cupping therapy in Edmonton. To schedule an appointment, simply call us at 780-435-5312.


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