With our body having an amazing capacity to heal on its own, our modern lifestyle happens to make it difficult for a lot of people to tap that potential for healing. Today, there are many ancient medical practices that are being used to tap that potential such as acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine practice that has been used for over three thousand years; it is based on the belief that a blockage in the body’s energy flow can cause some health issues. This is why during the therapy, acupuncturists insert very fine needles at different acupuncture locations on the body, resulting in restoring the flow of body energy, stimulate healing and promote relaxation.



However, with many practitioners performing acupuncture therapy in locations such as Edmonton and across Alberta, it is important to consult a reputable massage center experienced doctors. AH Massage & Acupuncture is a registered acupuncture center with experienced practitioners that have detailed knowledge and skills to perform acupuncture therapy. Consulting experienced doctors for this treatment can help you enjoy some health benefits. In this blog, we take a look at the four top benefits of acupuncture therapy.

1. Reduce stress

One of the main reasons a lot of people seek acupuncture treatment is for stress levels reduction. The treatment will help reduce stress hormones and restore the energy balance of your mood to decrease the patient’s anxiety and boost feelings of happiness. While the acupuncture treatment works to heal the body energy, it is also a relaxing and calling treatment session. During the 30 minutes session, you will find time to clear your mind and decompress.

2. Improve sleep quality

The second benefit of acupuncture treatment is that it increases the body’s energy to produce more melatonin hormones resulting in regulating the patient’s sleep-wake cycles. Due to our modern lifestyle, this hormone is often under produced resulting in insomnia or being exhausted all the time. After acupuncture treatment, the patient will restore natural ability to fall asleep and it will be happening easily, once again.

3. Energy boost

Acupuncture treatment offers wonderful benefits in getting rid of brain fog or exhaustion, making it perfect for patients who want a mental or physical energy boost.  The treatment achieves the energy boost by completely balancing the body energy field to reach an optimal set-point so that all organs can correctly function. During the treatment, patients experience a state of ease that allows a better quality of rest and less pain. Since the treatment will stimulate the correct neural pathways, it results in increased stamina and capacity for clear thinking.

4. Immune system support

As our immune system is the first line of bodily defense, it is important to maintain its effective and optimal functioning. This is why acupuncture treatment is beneficial as it strengthens the immune system to handle infections, harmful threats, and speeds up healing time as well. The treatment also works to balance the immune function that is when overactive, it could lead to the spread of various autoimmune diseases.

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If you are suffering from chronic back pain or looking for a natural way to reduce stress, acupuncture treatment can help your body gain healing power. Our practitioners will work with you to make a comfortable treatment plan and they offer some of the best acupuncture therapy in Edmonton. To schedule an appointment, simply call us at 780-435-5312 or email us at ahmassageacupuncture@gmail.com.

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