Membership With Benefits

With our FREE membership program, AH makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of membership. You will enjoy significant savings:

  • Preferred rates on massage (save $20.00 per 1-hour treatment
  • Savings on other treatment times (90 and 120 minute available by phone)
  • Member rates at all other AH locations
  • 15% discount on retail products
  • A further promotional birthday massage rate*
  • Family and household members rates equal to yours** … and MORE!

Come into our clinic once per month, for 6 or 12 months. If you happen to miss a month, come twice during another month. It’s really that simple! Once you’ve completed the 6 or 12 massages, your membership then stays in the system on a monthly basis, until such time as you wish to modify it. If you’re a monthly massage goer, there is no better way to enjoy the services you want, with the prices you deserve. Member gives you the financial peace-of-mind to stretch your massage budget and help with your massage insurance benefits.

Family Massage Matters!

One of the GREAT benefits of becoming a Member is the ability for your family to enjoy the services along with you. If you sign-up, the rest of your family household family residents, receive the same great discounts you do. No additional commitment or contracts are required. They enjoy at their leisure and convenience, without a monthly obligation. This means everyone gets to relax and enjoy the services of our team!

How Does Membership Works

  • Visit once a month, between the 1st and the end-of-the-month, and receive a massage treatment.
  • Pay as you prefer during that appointment (insurance billing, debit, credit card, cash)
  • If you need to miss a month, your credit card on file is charged a deposit for that month’s missed session.
  • That deposit then stays on your file as a credit in which you can use during another month.
  • As the member, nothing is lost, it remains yours to use.
  • A credit card added into our secure system means we are guaranteeing the member rate for you.

Booking Your Member Rate

We offer special service discounts, which should be booked by members only. Booking this rate online does not apply membership to your account. In order to be a member, you must sign the membership agreement form and add a credit card to your customer profile. Sign-up at your local clinic for our FREE monthly membership program and receive exclusive discounts on massages, retail items, and more!

Choose Your Membership Plan

6 Months Membership


This membership Includes 5 treatments.

12 Months Membership


This membership includes 10 treatments.

Membership FAQs

If you are new to AH, chances are you’ve got some questions. Below are the answers to the questions that are most commonly asked. Should you have additional questions please feel free to contact the clinic nearest you.

How much is membership?
Will I be charged monthly for my membership?
How does the membership work?
What if I don’t need one treatment a month?
Will I receive a receipt for my treatment?
Can you direct bill my insurance company for my treatment?
Do I need to book the same therapist for each massage, acupuncture, or reflexology treatment?
Must I be a member to have a massage at AH subsequent to my introductory massage?